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There is no fee for a copy of a certificate of a current or former armed forces member that is requested by the member. Proof of service in the armed forces must be provided.

How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate

There is also no fee for homeless individuals. A written statement from a homeless service provider in the state affirming that the individual is homeless is needed; and it must include the address to which the copy of the birth certificate requested may be sent. If you were born outside of MD you must obtain your birth certificate from the state that you were born.

This office cannot make any changes to birth certificates. All changes must be made through our main office in Baltimore, MD.


Birth Certificates

If you do not have one of the identifications listed above you can also receive your birth certificate by mail with two different pieces of alternative documentation. At least one of these documents must contain your current mailing address.

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Acceptable documents are:. Download Application. For children under the age of 1 year, corrections can be made to given names on birth certificates. Upon receipt of a notarized affidavit, the Division of Vital Records will issue a corrected birth certificate free of charge. Contact the Health Department or the Division of Vital Records to determine if you meet the requirements for a change, and to obtain a copy of the Affidavit form.

Replace a lost Maryland Birth Certificate

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